Email marketing is one of the most efficient and quick ways to sell your product today. With booming list number and amazing people in your bucket you can easily pitch your product without any investment. When it comes to list building the expert in the industry always try to make their campaign so catchy and effective that even a untargeted visitor fall for it and subscribe to their email list without even thinking. Collecting emails of people is an art, You can master it too. In rest of the post, I’m going to debunk some secrets of list building used by most successful email marketers in the world.

How to build an email list like a pro

I’m gonna dig more into this list building thing and tell you some best and creative methods to get a bunch of amazing customers in your email list.

When I talked about list building with optins I prefer Optin Monster, Bloom and WP Subscribe pro these  are the best in terms design and performance with a little investment you can quickly make people trust you but how to perfectly use them is up to you. I always prefer using colorful optins instead of dull and ugly ones, I maybe not a Picasso but my taste of color is really good I guess :p

Getting visitors to your website is not a big deal but converting them to a loyal customer is the real game, and that’s  all done by simple list building tweaks that you should consider using on your websites and blogs.

Offer something to download

Yup, It works most of the time and almost reaches 90% of your readers. If you provide something for download that save their time and money then It definitely makes them sign up for your list. For Example, take a look to Kulwant Nagi’s Bloggingcage. list building

He first gets their attention through “Download to make money online” and make his readers subscribe to his list by doing this simple trick.

In very similar manner If you provide something worthy to download related to your niche you able to build a huge list in the very short span of time.

Catchy line that works like a charm

Some successful email marketers often use some words like “Exclusive,” “Secret” and “limited” to get people’s attention. Just ask yourself is it really a good idea to add “Subscribe to our newsletter”  in your newsletter title. How can you improve your sign ups? How can your get people attention? Getting people eyes on your newsletter is not a rocket science though you can only add a pop-up widget in your website or blog. If you are serious about your list building, then make sure to make your newsletter title little bit attractive. You can replace that annoying title to some catchy phrases like “Get Muscle building tips” (In a case your niche is body building). My favorite in the industry Neil Patel is doing the same to turn their visitor into his subscribers. list building


Giving away something for free always build strong relationships with peoples whether it is online or offline and investing in making a relationship with your readers is not a bad idea right? With some small giveaways, you can catch so many emails of interested people with this because humans are greedy and they want everything for free. Let me tell you how to do it the right way –

  • Provide something worthy for free for “X” number people for a limited time.
  • A product that has a demand in the market always works the best.
  • Make them sign up to apply for giveaway offer and this is how your list building works.


By giving away some product anyone can make a huge list of emails in few days.

Ask them to join you

Maybe this method seems straightforward and it is actually, You have to only ask your followers on your social media accounts to subscribe your newsletter. Sometimes your readers know about you and they even follow you on social networks but forget to join your email list.

List building through Instagram business account

When this photo sharing app first introduced some so-called SMO gurus labeled it as the worst kind of internet marketing app due to lack of function of showing links in posts, but the “Link in Bio” magic prove them wrong. With booming 700 million users, Instagram is one of the best tools for email marketing nowadays you just need to be a smart ass to turn your followers into your subscribers.

Have you ever thought how those luxury lifestyle accounts, Beauty Accounts, and Famous Body Builders on Insta make money they actually build a mail list with their amazing posts.

Take the example of Millionaire Mentor  (2.4 million followers)how to build email list

They post motivational images and videos and sometimes post something like “How to do business on automation link in bio” to make people fall for their marketing spell by just looking at the image. They go to bio and visit their landing page which is basically a simple email form to handle sign ups.


You might be thinking what does transparency means well let me explain the word transparency has nothing to do with email marketing but in some cases you can use it to exaggerate your work like showing your numbers of the subscriber at the bottom of optin form is pure genius.

Facebook Pages

I love Facebook for marketing purpose whether it is traffic generation or brand awareness this social media is always rocking regarding quality and quantity. I’m owner of one of the viral website so I actually use Facebook for various purpose but the email marketing with Facebook is kinda easy. Take a look at MOZ Facebook page they add a sign-up button to their Facebook page to collect emails.


Tip : Always remember that the untargeted people never subscribe you, These tweaks works better with organic traffic. I often use these list building techniques for generating traffic and sales for my niche blogs now it’s your turn.






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