7 Ways to avoid Gmail spam filter while doing email marketing

If you are doing Email marketing then you must be familiar with the term called “Gmail Spam Filter” the Google program to filter out junk and spam looking emails to the Spam folder of the recipient.

It doesn’t matter if you are using MailChimp, Aweber or any other email marketing tools to grab emails if you don’t do it as it supposes to be then maybe you cannot reach your target or something even worse happen when your client mark your email as spam you don’t want that right?

Even the best looking email labeled spam by Gmail these days for not following the guidelines hence the beauty of email is nothing to do with email getting land in junk box.

Spam filters are not a concern for some email marketers because they manage to avoid it and know how to grab receipt attention in few seconds without  spamming them. So what exactly you have to do to prevent your email getting junked. Don’t worry in next few minutes I am going to tell you why emails go to spam instead of the inbox and how you can avoid it.

How to make sure emails don’t go to spam gmail

1. The promotion junkers

How annoying it could be for a person whose mailbox is full of useless advertising and free products. Well, Don’t do this while making the email for clients or any other person just avoid using spam trigger words like “Free” “Purchase” and “Buy” for god sake. These words are mostly stuffed in emails for the spamming purpose, So it does not matter if you are making mail for spamming or any announcement if you are using these junky words then I am afraid you are no longer a real sender in the eyes of Google. Yup the reputation of the originator matters a lot the more you spam, The less your chances of reaching the inbox. So never use words that violate the law.

2. Purchased List

Couple of months ago I register on a marketing forum where people are pretty well active and doing their jobs but then suddenly I saw a guy advertising his offer of selling some emails list (The list is huge in numbers).

I asked one of my close friend about it who was already the member of that forum even before me he suggest me to ignore these offers as the email list they are selling is none less than a trash, People often collect list of those who don’t even interested so when any email land in their inbox they mark it spam even without reading it.

So buying any list is a bad idea better make yours using some tools like Mailchimp or Aweber.

3. Content

The mistake most of the newbie marketers do that they fill the email with useless media and stuff and complain about being filtered. The first thing to remember while crafting a business letter is to avoid uploading the large file (30-50 kb is fine).

4. Your  Address

I’m not sure about it but providing address is a good practice though.  So do you put your address in content while making an email if you don’t then maybe this could be a reason for your email caught by Google spam filters. Make sure to put your real address or company address right after the message or use some automate tools to get the job done.

5. Your Company Website

If you don’t provide your website in a business email then you are missing something. Providing company websites is very professional and genuine way to please clients unless your website is free of some banned content like Gambling, Witchcraft and drug deals. Many people complain about not reaching their recipient after putting a website in the content but most of the time their website is just crap and not worthy enough to add in emails.

6. Email Service Provider

Always choose the right Email service provider sometimes people pick some cheap ESPs whose reputation is already ruined, and their marketing end up with a failure. I suggest my readers to use Amazon SES or Post mark for email marketing campaigns.

7. Send mail once a week or once a month

When someone gets into your email list, He/she is not expecting to get bombed by multiple emails every day. Sometimes people get annoyed and mark the email as spam instead of unsubscribing your list. To be the best marketer you must build a relation with your customers even if they are not paying it’s up to you how you pitch them for something you are promoting.



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