Have you ever try to use Facebook for generating money online? If you did not try yet, you are missing a lot. What If I told you some companies likes Buzzfeed and Wittyfeed are making business on Facebook shoulders, and the chances are you can be a millionaire too. Most of you might be clueless about the idea of making money from Facebook.

There are more than hundred ways to earn money from Facebook as far as I know all those spamming junk “How to earn money from facebook without investment” posts online which assure 1000$ a day using just Facebook is complete nonsense. There is no such method where you can make a thousand bucks doing absolutely nothing don’t worry,  I will reveal the top secret Facebook wealth formula in rest of the post.

How to earn money from Facebook pages

You must be familiar about the billion dollars Buzzfeed company which is known for producing trending content online. They use the formula of virality and make money from It. Similarly, Wittyfeed the content company from my country India is getting huge numbers of people on their website and in upcoming years they will definitely surpass the BuzzFeed in terms of traffic.

So What is the secret of their massive success? When I search Buzzfeed in the Facebook search box, I get so many Buzzfeed pages in a result, and every page has more than 20 million likes some pages are even more than 1 billion in likes. Have a look –

What would you do If you own these pages, I could make my own content delivery website and start advertising my articles on it that’s what most of the page admins actually do. Even I started a viral site sometimes back and earn a lot from it. I don’t have this much likes on my pages, but half million is pretty enough to make decent money from Facebook.

If you own any fan page which having 100k like then monetize it with your viral website. Why I mentioned 1k because less then this your likes are of no use, Social traffic is always the worst for monetizing you can make money from social traffic only when you have hell lot it.

Things you need –

  1. The Viral platform like Buzzfeed or Wittyfeed
  2. Facebook page
  3. Adsense or Propeller ads to monetize traffic

(You can use WordPress for setting up your viral blog)

If you feel hassle making website yourself, you can try some Pay Per Click website like Viral9 to earn some good amount of money sharing their article on your Facebook page. Viral9 is owned by Wittyfeed, and they had enormous numbers of quality content on their website so doesn’t matter If your page is about technology, Health or Relationship they have content for all.

Make Money From Facebook Group

As I said there are many creative ways to earn money from Facebook but only If you know to do it in the right way though I spend most of my time on Facebook, it is easy to generate bucks while I chatting my girlfriend. One of the most efficient methods is Facebook Group Bussiness is unlike pages, you don’t need to bring massive likes on your pages all you have to do is to add the interested people in your circle the peoples who care, The peoples who respond. So what basically make Facebook Group a money generating machine let me clear. When you have a bunch of interested individuals in your group, you can sell anything to them like If you are Dog breeding expert you can make a facebook group about Dog breeding and quickly sell the products related to Dog breeding over there.

Buy and Sell group

The idea of Buying and Selling is pretty fantastic, Last month I sold my 13-month-old guitar in one of the Buy and Sell group on Facebook and get some good amount of money from it similarly you can use these group to sell unwanted items in your house.

Become an Influencer

Those people who love to use Facebook and have great followers on Facebook can try this method too. If you are famous enough and have some loyal followers, you can use your free time pitching them to buy something worthy or take some membership.

You don’t have to be the most famous human on the entire planet as you can easily get started with some followers in thousand though there is a platform called Famebit which is programmed to connect Social media influencer with well-known brands across the world, All you have to do is to promote their product to your followers and see money come. I must say the idea of making money posting ads for companies is a genius.

Amazon Affiliate

Among the best affiliate website, Amazon is the only affiliate which allows you promote its product on Social Media, You can promote their product on your Facebook page, Group or Account and when someone buys from your link, you will get rewarded by some commission. Since there is a variety of product in Amazon store, you can sell anything from Movies to laptops. I own a page related to Batman here is what I decided to sell.

Shopify + Facebook

I heard so many success stories of using Shopify with Facebook ads, If you own any Shopify store, you can use Facebook ads to promote and sell absolutely anything online. Those who are clueless about Shopify let me explain.

Well, Shopify is a platform where you can design your own Ecommerce store without brainstorming on coding and stuff. Shopify even provides you a well functional dashboard where you can check your payments and stats quickly. So basically using Facebook ads for promoting Shopify product with the targeted audience is a pretty amazing idea and It might be so productive.

Shrink Url to make money

I almost missed this point, There are many websites which shorten your URL in some little link, and when someone opens these link, you will get paid for it. You can cash out your balance anytime through Paypal or Bank. Who knows you can actually make bucks for shrinking URLs.

Final Words – I must say If you really want some financial freedom and make some extra side income you have to try any of these, Instead of wasting your valuable time make use of Facebook and make money. You can even work from home without actually get distracted from your actual Job. Make sure to share this with your Facebook mates.



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