Flashing custom ROM in Android phone ain’t that easy, You need to put a lot of efforts and your small mistake can make your phone a piece of brick in seconds so you need to be very careful before flashing any ROM on your android phone. In this Article, I am going to share the easiest guide and explain how to flash custom ROM using PC without actually messing with your software. One must consider making a backup of data and Current ROM before putting the android in developer mode. When you flash any new ROM in android it vanishes away all the old data associated with your old ROM and in that case, all you have is the backup you made. Let see how you can Flash Rom in Android the safest way-

How to flash stock ROM using sp flash tool

To be honest, I tried a lot of methods to flash ROMs on my android phone, I personally owned an android I use for the sole purpose to experiment with android debugging and developing.

I never found any simpler way of flashing a ROM using PC it could be quite difficult for some of my newbie readers but don’t worry I’m not here to disgrace peoples. Just follow the below method and thank me later.


  • Latest Version of SP Flash Tool
  • Custom ROM for your Android phone model (Link to find your phone’s ROM in step 2)
  • MediaTek VCom USB drivers should be installed on your Computer
  • Original USB cable and working PC.
  • MediaTek based device

So above are the requirements, You need to follow every single step to flash custom ROM using Pc. If you miss any single step it might ruin the whole damn process.

Step 1 – Making a backup

Before doing any developer stuff you must take a backup of your current data. We strongly recommend our users to follow this important step or you might end up losing your data. I am going to explain two different methods of making backup one for rooted users and one for non-rooted phones.

Root – Download the app called Titanium backup which is pretty good and does its job very well. I used this app to make a backup of my app data and this app can sync to Dropbox as well that’s another good feature. Just open the app and tap the Batch button at the corner, Scroll down to the Backup and find Backup All User Apps. Tap the Run button.

Non- Rooted – If your android phone is not rooted you need to reboot your phone and enter the recovery mode, It involves some permutation of pressing the power and volume buttons at the same time which is quite similar in most of the android devices. In my case, I pressed the volume up and power button at the same time to make a backup. After entering the recovery mode which is basically a black non-graphical screen. Just locate to Nandroid or Backup option and there you can make your backup. Give your backup a name that helps you remember what it is (like “Cyanogen Sohal”). Confirm your backup and let it run. Wait for some minutes the process takes 5 to 10 minutes.

And done you’ve finished the backup process now let move to the main topic.

Step 2 – Download the required file

  • Download the custom ROM for your android phone, You can use the Google search to find according to your need
  • Download the MediaTek VCom USB drivers from here

Step 3 – Install and Run the SP Flash Tool

The second step is to download, Install and Run the software called SP flash Tool in your windows or Linux PC. SP Flash tool is basically a software the deal with flashing of stock ROM firmware in MediaTek devices it won’t be useful for devices with chipset different MediaTek.

How to flash custom rom using PC

  • Download the SP flash tool and extract the file, Install it and run as administrator
  • Now you need to load the scatter file you can find in your custom ROM (It might be something like xyz scatter.txt)How to Flash Custom Rom using PC
  • Switch off your phone and remove the battery (If Removable) and connect it with your PC using a USB cable
  • Press the volume UP and Down In case your phone failed to detect
  • Press the Download button and relax it might take 10 mins to complete, You can get a green confirmation when it is done.

Switch on the phone, Don’t panic If if take a long time, It might take some minutes to starts at first. Check the video below

Congrats! You have successfully flashed a ROM on your android phone, now the next step is to restore the backup you made in above step. If you any question use the comment box below and let me know.



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