Spotify is a digital music service where you can find millions of songs. This is one of the Apps for which everybody has a strong desire. Well, It’s sad to say that Spotify Web Player is not accessible in India yet, But I’m going to tell you that how might we get a simple way to use Spotify in India? It’s all about the matter of VPN.

spotify in india

As we probably know that Spotify Web Player is the best player for music lovers. In this web player, whenever we want, we can easily listen our any favorite song without downloading the song. This is the modern & straightforward way to listening to your favorite music.

So now here, I’m going to tell you how to make Spotify work in India on Android and iOS?

We require a VPN ( virtual private system) before we can login Spotify account in India. What’s that for? With regards to getting to content that is geologically limited by IP address (“geolocked” or “geoblocked”) like Spotify. So we require a VPN to indicate Spotify, as “hello, Spotify, I am living in the US (or different nations where have Spotify benefit) please let me log in.

Tips: A paid VPN benefit is much stable and quicker than the free one.

Update: Do I need to attach the VPN to use Spotify in India?

I saw this problem from the blog comments. Yeah, of course, you need to attach with VPN to enjoy music on from Spotify though you are using Spotify in India. In any case, there is the best way to change over Spotify to mp3 records. After you transform all Spotify playlist into .mp3 files, you would now be able to enjoy it on any gadget without the limitation of set up VPN.

How to make Spotify work on Android?

To make use of Spotify on Android, you have to Install the Spotify APK from the web and Hola Free VPN application from the Google Play.

  1. Download Spotify APK
  2. Go to the root registry where the Apk is downloaded and Install the Apk
  3. Now, Download and Install Hola Free VPN
  4. Open Hola Free VPN application. Once you’re in the application, tap on MORE other than My Apps and select Spotify
  5. Make confirm the Browsing from nation is chosen as The United States and after that click on open
  6. Give permit every one of it says. Whatever it does is traps the Spotify application about the area of access
  7. Open the Spotify application and after that Sign-Up or Log in using your Email. Using your social site network to sign in may track your real location area, and it may not work

So, it’s the process to get Spotify in India….Isn’t it simple?

Just follow this process step by step and begin enjoying Spotify on your Android gadget and for free. Now let’s start the process of using Spotify on the iOS gadget.

How to make Spotify work on iOS?

To enjoy Spotify on iOS, you have to Install Tunnel Bear App and Spotify App from the App Store, additionally keep in mind the VPN.

  1. Download and Install the Spotify application from the App Store, and you have to change the area to The United States previously downloading the App
  2. Now, Download Tunnel Bear App. This App gives you a chance to bluffing your area
  3. When Installed, open the Tunnel Bear application and attach it to the VPN server and change your area to The US
  4. Next, open the Spotify application and now Sign Up or Log in using your Email. As I already told you that using your social site network to sign in may track your real location area and it may not work

That’s it. Now you can get to Spotify on both your Android Device or iOS gadget in simple ways. Follow the both process step by step and after this, if you go to any trouble then you can tell me about your problem by the comment. I will surely try to solve your problem.

If this article is useful for you, then tell us in the comment section and share it with your friends. Thanks for reading the article. Good Luck!


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