A few things to consider before starting your own blog in 2017

So what first came in your mind when you see the title of this post, You probably came here to learn how to start you own blog that starts generating millions in month without any effort aren’t you huh.

Well If you are reading this in a hope to get paid from blogging no matter what then let me tell you the truth It is not like as it looks no one can earn huge six figure income writing just blogs there are lot more things to consider before starting your own blog which attracts targeted readers that converts well to generate some good amount of money. Before diving into the industry, you need to learn few basics things.

Starting your own blog in few simple steps

The Basic part –

The Platform – Free or paid choosing platforms is pretty much confusing for newbies but don’t worry platform does not matter at all at the beginning you just need willpower to start your own blog in next 30 mins. It would be better If you start from WordPress though it does not make any difference.

People often use WordPress because of its features and plugins, and It also makes some branding with eye catchy well coded themes but that doesn’t mean you should start using WordPress even If you don’t know anything about it. I would suggest my newbies readers to start from free platforms like Blogger or WordPress.com once your blog got ranking you can migrate to WordPress (Paid) anytime.

Domain – What matters the most while building your online brand is it a template or maybe a logo Nah. Domain matters a lot, after all it going to be associate with your name for a long time. When it comes to building your online brand that attracts customers and for being the best in your niche you must choose the name that make an impact in people’s mind. The extension has nothing to do with Search Engine Optimization just register what you like.

Template – While building blogs for clients I prefer a theme which is beautifully eye catchy, Well coded and fast enough at the same time guess why? Well it’s simple that make my client as well as his customers or readers happy and the website gets some SEO benefits too.

Content – Don’t get annoyed If your blog is not getting any ranking even after writing tons of post just believe that your content is not good enough to impress the readers as well the algos of Google, If you heard that famous marketing quote “Content is king” before which is very accurate than believe me writing good content is all you have to do now.

If you ask me then I would suggest you improve the substance of your website don’t stuff it with unusual keywords and don’t even think to try any content generating tool.

A few days back I made a blog in Viral Niche just like Buzzfeed or Viralnova which attracts around visitor 20k readers a month through Facebook and some paid advertisement. I experience that well-written articles  are generating more attention and appreciation than those which I had written from Content generating tool.

The Advance part –

Changing in SEO –  If you expect to get traffic from a search engine then you need to remember few thing before step in the Search Engine Optimization game may be if you don’t do it the right way you may end up with failure. When I talked about SEO, my choice is always Google because rest of others are not even close to Google but those spooky algorithm updates are real pain in ass to some who use blackhat methods to hike ranking.

Google changed a lot in recent years and continuously improving its features to enhance user experience. You must write some epic content with moderate use of a keyword that looks appealing to readers as well as Google crawlers at the same time to improve your rankings.

Keyword Research-  Back in 2010 people who owns a blog can easily rank their article in no time because finding keyword and stuffing it on the article is best way to rank Google since then the algorithm changed many times. Nowadays there are a lot more things one need to consider before picking a keyword for his blog post. Google look upon various factor like keyword density, LSI keyword, and Long tail keyword before ranking any article for particular keyword.

Black Hat Methods – I never recommend my readers to dig the wrong portion and take the help of some Black hat things like use of PBN or Spamming I am not saying these methods are useless through If you don’t have the proper knowledge about it just don’t do it, Later I’ll come up with a case study about making PBN and WEB2.0 sites the right way.

Quality Backlinks – As I said Google changed a lot in recent years, All those traditional link building strategies are dead now and getting backlinks from authority websites is even more tougher than your hardest math book question. To get Natural backlinks Just make sure that the charm of your content never fade away so that people love to give you natural backlinks.

Take an example of Neil Patel of http://neilpatel.com/ when I checked his blog few things impress me the most one of those things is he loves to put anchor text in his articles and guess what the SEO value of his blog is pretty much high. Like Neil many other bloggers and the Internet marketers in the industry like to link real content on their websites or blogs. Another option of getting natural backlinks is to post lots of Infographics; People just love to put Infographics on their blog.

Social Signals – Like SEO the Social media optimization is equally important just remember that Google also checks the social signals to determine the content that needs to be in the search engine. With booming traffic base Facebook is always my favorite and believe me It never disappoints me regarding traffic maybe the traffic quality is not that good poor at converting, but somewhere It improves my SEO of a blog. Always consider making fan pages and social media account for your blog to improve the Social signals.


Final Thoughts – I maybe not a expert in the field but I have covered almost every necessary thing related to Blogging that you need to remember before starting your own blog. I will write more about these topics in future to explain some myths about SEO and backlinking that seems tough in the beginning but worth your effort later, Make sure to share this article.



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