A content marketing campaign executed professionally and strategically will deliver positive return on investment. It is revealed that content marketing can generate three times more number of leads as compared to most of the outbound marketing strategies at 62% less budget.

However, content promotion is usually an overlooked strategy. Listed below are some of the best content marketing and promotion strategies:

1. Influencer marketing

Most SEO consulting services and professionals realize that influencer marketing is one of the most overlooked and underutilized tools of the industry. The strategy is very powerful technically as it shares by exposing content to a new wider audience and builds credibility among audience.

Studies have proved that around 92% website users rely on influencers more than celebrities and advertisements. There are several ways to apply this strategy. One of them is to reach out to influencers in your industry directly for sharing content or promoting partnership. You may even use some of the tools such as Intellifluence and Followerwonk. This will help you locate active influencers in
your industry.

Referring an influencer in your content or linking to them in any of the social media snippets will attract their attention. The process will boost chances of their sharing your content for promoting their own brand. It will also increase quantity of content shares as well as link opportunities.

2. Videos over Social Media

This is a proven technique to shout out on social media channels. You simply require integrating videos in your web/blog content. You can try including video on a landing page. This strategy will significantly boost your conversion rate. Presently, demand for video content on social media has outperformed the overall demand for written content because these are more attention grabbing and interesting than written content. The best option is a compounding or viral video. Experts suggest posting a teaser video. You may also add an attractive image or a GIF (graphics interchange format) in your content to inspire users to navigate to the landing page.

3. Syndication of Content

When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), content syndication is not a new strategy. Unfortunately, it is not usually the center of most strategies for content marketing. It is a brilliant strategy for expanding audience reach instantly without many efforts.

A detailed research should be conducted prior to categorizing a website for syndication. Focus on enquiring about their analytics to have a close look at type of visitor traffic. It is also crucial to monitor keywords for identifying various topics of discussion.

In case, you make a decision on content syndication on websites such as community forums, LinkedIn, or Medium, you should be a little selective. You must share only your best content.

Do you participate in a content community? If yes, understand that you hold half of responsibility to share content of other people as an active member. The effort will let you establish associations across industry for potential link shares and opportunities.

4. Link Building

This is one of the three most crucial ranking factors of Google for checking organic rank. Boosting overall reach and visibility of content helps a great deal. It improves the organic backlink signals.

Link building should be strategic enough to promote a particular web page. Here’s how you can promote your blog content to a wider audience:

  • Create guest posts on authoritative publications using a contextual link back to content.
  • Use broken link building through manual outreach for offering additional value to existing blog content.
  • Develop very high-quality content that visitors can link back organically to their own. The process demands promotion for people to find the content.

5. Personalized Email Marketing

When it comes to market to prospective and existing clients (already interested in your product), email marketing makes for an excellent option. The strategy holds the benefit of increasing retention level of customer and supplying links and shares to your content. It is not necessary that each one existing on your email marketing list remains excited to read your next blog post. Listed below are certain basic strategies to boost email engagement:

  • Create an impressive e-newsletter for promoting the latest posts to your blog or display the most viral content on the blog for the week/month.
  • Categorize lists of subscriber on the basis of their interaction with your website.
  • It really helps to personalize emails to include name of the recipient. You can also include relevant info related to their visit on your website.
  • Include interactive content, such as a fun GIF or video, to make emails stand out and warm up subscribers to future emails.
  • Perform split testing on messages and headlines. Based on the results, evaluate/gauge their impact.

Wrapping Up

Content marketing has emerged as a buzzword in the SEO industry. Earlier, it wasn’t an important element for online promotional strategies due to less focus on organic reach over social and search channels.


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