Top 8 Best Free Messaging Apps for Android & iOS

Hi friends, How are you all? Well, Let me come to the main point, lol. So, guys, I think most of the people use social media apps. Nowadays, social media is very popular for easily connecting with peoples around the globe. Now, you can get connections with them whom you have not reached in quite a while by social media. As we know that social media app includes different types of messaging apps which requires email ID or mobile numbers for staying connected with people. Most of the peoples use social media to stay connected with their family and friends. So today, I’m gonna tell you about some amazing and different iOS apps which are the best free messaging apps for unlimited gossip with your family or friends. If you are using android mobile then you can use these apps on your android mobile as well.

Top 8 Best Free Messaging Apps For Android & iOS

1. WhatsApp :

WhatsApp is the most recent and most well-known application used by many peoples all around the world. I think WhatsApp is one of the best free messaging apps which has very easy features to use. This app prefers many types of features like chatting, video calls, voice calls, voice messages, sharing files & documents, sharing photos, audios & videos & you can chat with many peoples in one time by creating groups. The best thing is about WhatsApp is that you can use this app on normal internet speed(2G) too. For using WhatsApp, you have to prefer your contact number. WhatsApp has awesome features to use. So enjoy WhatsApp & Download it from given below link:

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2. Google Allo :

This application is promoted by Google as it uses Gmail account to get connections with each other by this application. People can talk separately or by making groups and beginning a discussion. The application additionally gives messaging, sound, video features with emoji to improve the chatting on the application. Google Allo is an expanded version of Google Hangouts which makes the use of the application simple. The best feature prefers auto-answers to the messages just by voice. It changes over voice to content so you can answer the messages without writing. This application is extremely helpful and progresses as far as adaptability and simplicity for conversation.

Download from Play Store

3. Facebook Messanger :

As all, we know that Facebook is the most popular social media site. I think nowadays, every person uses Facebook. Facebook messenger is the part of Facebook for messaging in an easy way. Facebook prefers its own free messaging app to stay connected with Facebook friends. The best thing about it is that you don’t need to share your contact number with your Facebook friends. You can secure your contact number while using it. This app prefers chatting, video calls, voice calls, voice messages, sharing photos, audios & videos & also group chatting. In this app, you can use emoji, different types of stickers & GIFs too. Just being a friend on Facebook is sufficient for starting a conversation by this application.

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4. Twitter :

What is Twitter? Oops, I think that I don’t need to tell you what is Twitter. But I’ll tell you about Twitter. Twitter is a free social networking service app which is used for posting short posts called “Tweets”. It is generally used by lots of people and famous people to express their perspectives all around the world. In another way, Twitter can be used for messaging privately too. Twitter prefers sharing photos, videos & audios in private conversation. The default setting of Twitter is that Twitter is public. You can’t change this privacy. Anyone can follow anyone on Twitter. Twitter is widely used for messaging by peoples.

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5. Snapchat :

The Snapchat application, which a small team of Stanford University students developed, launched in September 2011 and is available for both iOS & Android devices. This application is an alternate sort of application which along with messaging feature gives a choice of sharing a snap of the work performed by the people. The user can simply talk through snaps and the snaps would be consequently erased with time in order to spare your memory. The application additionally gives a ton of GIF and emoticon to make your discussions imaginative. The choice of sharing a story influences the user to post any idea through video or different kind of photos.

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6. Viber :

The application is the same as Skype as it gives free video calling through the internet. This is the best free messaging apps because this application provides the user to make free video calls with different users as opposed to messaging. The application is exceptionally helpful as it gives free voice and video calling services to the peoples who have joined this application. In addition, the application additionally gives different types of fun and stunning stickers. Viber uses your mobile phone as your identity. There are more than 700 million Viber users around the world.

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7. Kik :

Kik is the second best app on the list of best free messaging apps for android devices & iOS devices. This is a well-known application which is allowed to use same as Viber and WhatsApp but it has some different features too. For using this app, you just need to create a username only. You don’t need to share any E-mail ID or contact number or other details. This app is very famous for its easiness of connectivity. This application prefers different types of features like voice calls or video calls with different types of emoji, stickers, photos and a lot of GIFs. The application makes it easy to talk separately or in a group for simple chatting. So, the application makes it valuable to texting and sharing messages or some other pictures, documents to another user.

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8. Telegram :

Telegram is one of the best free messaging apps as same WhatsApp. This app prefers same features as WhatsApp like chatting, video calls, voice calls, voice messages, sharing files & documents, sharing photos, audios & videos & you can chat with many peoples in one time by creating groups. You can add over the 10000 members in one Telegram group. Telegram is free forever. No Ads. No subscription fees. Telegram keeps your messages safe from hacker attacks. It has no limits on the size of your media and chats.

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Friends, It was my list of best free messaging apps for free texting, free voice calling and free video calling including with emoji, sticker, and GIFs collection. These social media apps help you to stay connected with your family and friends. So, download these applications from the link below given and get good connections with your family and friends. If you like my content the tell us in our comment section. Thank You!

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