Tubi TV Website and Mobile Application Review

Netflix has got a great catalog but you can only access it by paying the monthly subscription fees. It’s a bit expensive mainly for students. Are you searching for something with a wide array of movie collection just like Netflix and without any subscription fees? Then you should try Tubi. Tubi is completely free and it makes money from the advertisements. You can access Tubi on all kinds of devices just like Netflix. Tubi TV has got a wide array of TV shows and movies. All of them are legally licensed. You can find movies and TV shows without subscribing. Their catalog is quite large with movies across the years. Also, check out for the best website to watch free movies


Tubi TV has organized the movies into different categories based on their genre. So it’s quite easy to find a good TV show or movie using their search feature. There are more than 30 categories on Tubi TV which will be useful to narrow down the movie list. There are many movies on Tubi TV which are not available on Netflix. You can find many movies in action genre, drama, comedy, horror, sports, animated, kids and foreign languages. The filters on the website will help you narrow down the search by rating, year, date added, popularity etc. Overall, it’s easy to find the movies according to your interest.

Video Player Options

You’ll see the full description of the movie with its genre, total runtime, actors, director and other technicians, year of release under every movie. There is a share button which allows you to share the movie you are watching on all the social networks like Google Plus, Twitter and Facebook. The full-screen button works smoothly. The player also has a scrubber bar to rewind and forward the movie by 30 seconds. There is Chromecast button and also a captions button on the player. The Tubi TV video player acts as a good platform to provide an extraordinary movie experience.


The platform of Tubi TV is pretty solid and robust. Their support is appropriate. They have apps for Android, iOS, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Xbox One, Samsung, Xbox 360 including the web application. All of them are functioning seamlessly. The universal search feature in Roku is integrated to Tubi TV which is wonderful. Tubi TV can be enjoyed on all the popular platforms. Tubi TV on iOS and Android apps work like a charm. You need not register to start watching the movies. Just tap on any movie or TV to get the complete description. Click on the Play button and you are good to go. The one main advantage of creating an account is it saves your playback. You can just resume the movie playback from where you have left when you logged into the Tubu TV app or website. The search function on the apps works as good as it works on the website. For more free movies you can also chekout the kickass proxy 2018.


By this time you would have already found that Tubi TV is absolutely free. You are paying it back by watching the ads. You’ll see a 30-second commercial at the beginning of each movie. The number of ads appears in each and every movie or TV show you are watching. It all depends on the length of the movie. You may see more than 10 ads while watching a movie of 1 and a half hour running time. So, it may be similar to watching the TV shows or movies on the television. If the ads annoy you very much then Tubi TV is definitely not recommended for you. But for others, especially for those who cannot afford Amazon Prime or Netflix, Tubi TV is an incredible option for watching movies for free!

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