How to use Tinder without Facebook authentication {2018 Edition}

Hi friends, I’m back again with a new content for you. Do you wanna use Tinder without Facebook? Then you are at the right place. So today I’m gonna tell you that How to use Tinder without Facebook. As we know that Tinder is a most popular application for dating nowadays. It uses area-based performance to find people close-by locations. You can choose the person whom you want and you can chat with that person by one to one chat room. Tinder is created for the android device with iOS.

Tinder is launched in 2012 but now tinder is being popular day by day and people are keeping install this application. Almost 50 millions people installed Tinder on their phone by Google play store. If you are new on Tinder then let me tell you that Tinder needs your Facebook account and details. You can’t use Tinder without Facebook. But there is a way for privacy for the things that you want to show to everyone. If you don’t want that your Facebook friends and family not to know that you are using Tinder then you can disable these things.

Most of the applications ask your Facebook account for sign-in. But most of the people don’t want to mix up their social and personal life. But if you are not worried about your Facebook friends knowing about your dating life, at that point it’s fine. But if you don’t want let to know your friends about your dating life then I’m sure that you will try to know the way of using Tinder without Facebook.

Why does Tinder ask you to Log-in to Facebook?

Tinder asks you to log in to facebook when you download the application. One of the conspicuous reasons is it separates the majority of your essential data including your profile picture from FB specifically and saving your time.

There are numerous good peoples who like to make different fake profiles on Tinder which will make nothing other than garbage. To conquer this connecting your account with Facebook helps Tinder to verify your character. Tinder may never separate delicate data from Facebook yet at the same time for the couple of evident reasons you would even now not need Tinder to ask you to log in using Facebook.

Why should Tinder not be Linked to Facebook?

1. Getting to Your Contacts :

By chance that you incidentally tap on ‘yes’ to ‘see your contacts’ then Tinder will experience every one of your contacts in your friend list to locate a potential match for you. You most likely don’t need any application to experience every one of your contacts, profiles and so on without knowing you.

2. Programmed Syncing of Photos :

One more motivation behind why your Facebook account shouldn’t be connected with Tinder is programmed synchronization of photographs. When you connect your Facebook account with Tinder, your open photographs on Facebook get consequently synchronized with Tinder.

3. Online Security :

All you’re dating history is put away in Tinder and it is connected to your Facebook account. So if your Tinder account gets hacked then all you’re dating information will be open as it is connected to your Facebook account, which you will never need to happen. Since you know why you shouldn’t interface your Facebook account with tinder how about we get to the genuine inquiry would you be able to use tinder without Facebook?

All things considered, there is no official method for using TINDER WITHOUT FACEBOOK ACCOUNT still in 2017. As Tinder is created using Facebook’s API and even it’s the latest version doesn’t give you the usefulness to disable the connection between your Facebook and Tinder account. Yet, there are the couple of workarounds you can use to limit the danger of your online protection intrusion.

How To Use Tinder Without Facebook

1. Change Facebook Privacy Settings :

This is one of the most simple ways. You can essentially expand the security of your Facebook account, and very little of your points of interest will be spilt out on different applications. Likewise, you will have the capacity to limit Tinder from approaching every one of the points of interest. I’m telling you some easy steps that you should follow:

  • Go to and log in to your Facebook account.
  • Click on the Lock Icon and after it, click on See More Settings.
  • Go along with Apps section and click on Tinder App.
  • Change the setting of “App Visibility” to Only Me.

Presently Tinder won’t have the capacity to post anything on your Facebook Timeline and other individuals won’t get warnings that you are using a dating application. Thusly, you will use Tinder Without Facebook.

2. Make New Facebook Account :

If you don’t want to use your own facebook account for Tinder then you can create a new facebook account for using Tinder. Nowadays, everyone knows that how to create a new facebook account but if you don’t know then follow these steps for creating new facebook account:

  • First, Create an Email ID from Gmail, Hotmail Yahoo etc.
  • After creating Email ID, Go to
  • Fill up your details First NameLast NameDOB and use new Email ID (newly created) for registration.

When you have made the new Facebook account you need to do few improvements in the Tinder App.

  • Open Tinder Application and tap on Settings gear at the upper left corner.
  • Explore App Settings.
  • Tap on Logout and Confirm.
  • Since you are logged out of Tinder, sign in to new Facebook account.
  • Go to Tinder and tap into Login with Facebook.
  • Now your Tinder account will get related to the recently made Facebook account and you can set the limit of data you need to put on it.

3. Change Settings for Tinder App :

Till now we have tried to set limits for Facebook impedance with Tinder by changing Facebook security settings and making the new Facebook account. In spite of the fact that no strategy is full evidence to use tinder without Facebook starting at now. Be that as it may, we will attempt to diminish the obstruction however much as could be expected. So in this technique, we will change a few settings from Tinder application itself and attempt to get Tinder without Facebook obstruction.

  •  Begin Tinder App on your Android or iOS cell phone.
  • Explore Settings in your Tinder application.
  • You will see ‘Show Me On Tinder Social’. Just deselect that alternative and you are ready.

4. Request that Tinder Allow Tinder Sign In Without Facebook :

Despite the fact that this isn’t an immediate answer for the issue. If you are not happy with the way Tinder drives you to use Facebook then you can propose Tinder to change their arrangement. Simply open Tinder application and in the Settings, you can change Contact choice. Using Contact choice you can propose tinder to change their arrangement in regards to Tinder Login Without Facebook. If many people begin influencing a recommendation keeping in mind the end goal to Use To tinder without Facebook then Tinder may consider expelling the Facebook coordination impulse.

So after using these simple ways you can use Tinder without Facebook. As I told you that there is no proper solution to use Tinder without facebook. But with upper methods, you can change security setting for using Tinder App.

I hope this will help you with Tinder without Facebook. If you like this article then tell us in the comments section.

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