When we think about Netflix and Chill the first thing came in our mind is the cost of Netflix per month. We badly want to enjoy the service that Netflix is providing for free, Are there any free or cheaper alternative. Maybe Amazon Prime nah! they all same. So today I am going to tell you about the application that is available for free, Yes I’m talking about the You TV Player app which is available to Android user currently. This app not only let you stream thousand of TV shows but free movies and Cartoon series too that too for 0 cost seems interesting right. In rest of the post I gonna review this lovely amazing application that might convince you to download it.

you tv player

You TV Player Apk Review

Like any other streaming application this app allow you to stream movies, series and videos right in your android smartphone. You TV player is popular among Mexicans and spreading to world very fast. You can download and watch SD card videos as well, It’s like YouTube met Netflix in free of cost. Basically You TV player is not available for iOS device yet but it can be used in Windows OS using emulators. You can chrome cast You player to watch the shows in bigger and better version.

Features of You Tv player

  • Stream videos without downloading it
  • Watch Unlimited Movies, Tv series without paying anything, The service is absolutely free of cost
  • You can able to play internal videos too, This app works like both online and offline video player
  • You can lock the videos you put in your playlist, This feature is key feature of this app.
  • You can watch video on slow internet connection as well. This video set the quality of stream based on the internet speed just like YouTube
  • You can set reminder to your favorite Tv shows, This app reminds you about the showtime via notification
  • Compatible with all modern android devices.

How to Use You TV player

Step 1- Download the application below. If the app show some kind of error then go and enable the Unknown Sources option in Settings.

You Tv Player download

Step 2-  Once you download just create a new account or logged via Facebook Id

Step 3- Now you have successfully installed You TV Player in your android, Tap the side burger and select the category you are interested


This application is worthy and free of cost, Why to burn your dollars on Netflix account when you can use You Tv Player for free. There are many fake copies of this app, Beware of fake ones because most of the are malicious virus that might get you into trouble.


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